We strive to bring in the best software developers through a rigorous recruitment process and to constantly invest in our people’s development. We never compromise on the quality of our team members. Since the company was founded in 2016, we’ve been building a dream team of enterprising developers who embrace our clients’ mindset – efficient, innovative and and stick to the can‑do attitude.

This ensures that our team’s skills stay at the forefront of industry knowledge and serve our customers’ needs. We’ll go the extra mile to tailor a project team to your specific demands. Instead of plain coding, our experts will get to the very core of your business and unlock the true potential of technology. Craft Digital sets an actionable course for digital innovation, empowers your team, and reduces risk all along the way.

Welcome to Craft Digital.


Front-end Development
Beautiful graphic design. Stunning web pages. Because people ignore design that ignores people.

Backend Development
A dedicated team of developers to thrive on complex, end‑to‑end backend challenges.

Mobile App Development
We craft mobile solutions that will meet your business needs and goals. Our experience covers the development of native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps.

QA and Testing
Software quality assurance is paramount. It represents the key to unlocking a better return on investment and to establishing a strong, positive relationship with your customer base. Craft Digital offers you a wide range of software testing services to help you do just that.

IT Consultancy
If you need help identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and a more profitable business, our software consultants can help.


Front-end Developers

Front-end developers don’t just create static sites – they also know how to code up interactive pages and web apps.

Tasks: Front-end development could be right for you if you like the idea of prototyping and building interactive sites, debugging across browsers, and managing user data.

Skills: Git + GitHub, JavaScript, jQuery, Grunt/Gulp, SASS, HTML, CSS, frameworks like Bootstrap, Node.js, AngularJS, and Ember.js

Backend Developers

Have you ever wondered how websites are turned into apps? That’s the secret super power of mobile developers!

Tasks: You’ll work as a mobile developer to optimize code for mobile, take designs from prototype to code, and test and analyze code for mobile.

Skills: Git + GitHub, iOs, Android, other languages like Ruby, Objective-C, or Java

UX Designers

User experience designers are a lot like information architects, only they spend more time coding, mocking up designs, and working with developers.

Tasks: If you get into UX design, your job will include developing prototypes, mocking up designs, designing specs, researching and analyzing user experience and behavior to iterate and traction test.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, wireframing tools, version control tools, data analysis, Git + GitHub

Software Developers

Software developers design apps and programs. Microsoft Word? Software devs were behind it.

Tasks: Are you ready to write code; design, prototype, and analyze software; and work with designers, product managers, and programmers? Then there’s probably a future software developer in you waiting to get out!

Skills: Git + GitHub, skills like HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, Ruby, Python, Responsive Web Design, jQuery, frameworks, PHP, Apache, etc

Data Architects

Being a data architect is like being the architect for the virtual house that an organization’s data will live in.

Tasks: As a data architect, you’ll spend your days designing and building systems for collecting, processing, and storing data.

Skills: understanding of databases and data storage, systematic thinking

UI Designers

User interface designers work closely with user experience designers, but rather than focusing on analysis, user interface designers are all about the look and feel of a site.

Tasks: Your work as a UI designer will be to design site interfaces and graphics, do customer analysis, perform design research, and create branding and interactive and animated designs.

Skills: Photoshop, wireframing, prototyping tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git + GitHub

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